5 Reasons To Buy Black Desert Online

Black Desert online

So I’ve been playing Black Desert now, on and off, for the last few days.  The graphics are great overall but the populated areas, such as the city of Calpheon and the seaside town of Vela , boast an organic feel that makes you feel really at home when you return to your residence. The problem I found while playing the main quest is that there is no tutorial as such, you are literally thrown in at the deep end and expected to swim. This is one game I’d definitely suggest getting social with; like go join a guild or an online forum to get solid “how to” information from your peers.

I’ve played though the main quest with a Sorceress and a Warrior so far; both are quite close combat orientated much to my surprise as I kind of expected more from the Sorceress. Gameplay is quite fluid though, once you get your head round the button combos to get your moves out on your foes. The fighting style has been dubbed as similar to Dragons Dogma with the terrain and game stage being similar in feel to that of the Witcher series.

1. Character Creation

The editor for character creation is a little on the comlex side for some but the depth of detail that can be achieved is immense. I’ve seen Gandalf and Michael Jackson in-game and quite recognisably too!

2. The Game World

The map to the game isn’t overly huge in it’s early release to console. The game does have a progression path the developers have promised. Still though, what exists at the moment is beautiful. The game world really feels alive and no corner will you turn that does not boast a picturesque view.

3. Combat

The games combat mechanics are so smoothly layed out once you get your head around the combos. The game plays like a true beat em up when facing giant mobs looking to tear you a new one!

4. Community

If ever you’ve wanted to join a group of adventurers and set off in the promise of riches; this is the game. You can join a guild and play a heavy part in it’s economy to get a greater pay out (wages).

5. Value for money

Unlike other MMO games Black Desrt promises to release all additional game download for free. No more paying to be able to hang out with your mates on the latest chunk of the game map.

Overall we’ve really been enjoying the game and exploring it’s massive array of game options. I’ve taken to trying to build ships whilst other friends in the group have taken to boosting weapons and magic items to sell on the Central Market, Black Deserts in-game trading post system. Not as crowded as the auction house in Warcraft though! Personally I haven’t got very far with my quest to build a fishing vessel as I’m still low level and there is some depth to anything carried out in Black Desert online; don’t let that put you off though as the game is great and the plethora of “things to do” will keep any hardcode MMO fan busy for a decade.

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