Crossout Xbox One Free To Play Game

This month saw the release of Crossout on the Xbox One. This “Post-Apocalyptic-Petrol-Head Shooter” is available free to play via the Xbox Live store and, unlike some of the free titles, it’s actually worth playing. Some of us out there have had the pleasure of playing Besieged on the PC; flattening villages and enemy forces with a concoction of cogs and cannon balls in contraptions you have made. Well this is nothing like that; players instead get to go against each other in PVP and objective play. So why bring up Besieged? Well, because similarly, in Crossout the same tinker mentality sinks in with it’s awesome vehicle editor.

In the vehicle editor it’s possible to craft anything from double decker dump trucks or murderous machines akin to combine harvesters, except ones that harvest souls! Players compete to win in game currency and scrap to crate extra panels, equipment and weapon systems, much like other free to play games such as World of Tanks.


Overall this game is pretty cool for a freebie. The graphics aren’t premier league and the controls can be a little flakey to begin with but that soon changes after a little practice! Okay it’s no blockbuster but a little dabble here and there among friends and this game can be a good laugh, ganging up with friends as you climb the tech ladder reaching for the next bit of gubbinz to add to your death machine. Crossout is a quality addition to the free titles available on Xbox Live, it’s there now for the taking so get downloading now.

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