Destiny – Review

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for this?

Our brush with the Destiny Alpha release has left us squirming for more; and the waiting time has drawn to a close!

Destiny is described as “magic sci-fi” by developer Bungie. It’s game play really does feel that way too with the magic/psychic abilities available to players, as well as the destructive force of the boss at the end of your adventures- Boss guys, so far, have stood out to be quite like the spaced out version of a Necromancer or Demonic Warrior found most commonly at the end of fantasy adventures!

The whole game has been created in 1080p and that leaves for a stunningly rendered atmosphere. The game world really does look beautiful and we’re sure some exploration will often sprout the occasional jaw dropping cinematic view.

People have been left squabbling over what this game should be classed as but ultimately it is an FPS. Don’t be disheartened though as there are many RPG elements and the world runs like an MMO, with people often found on there own adventures along the way. There are missions that can be played co-op, whilst others can be rolled out solo.

Just one look at the next-gen space opera and you’ll see why it’s probably one of the most anticipated games this season.

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