Dreadnought, coming to PC and PS4.

Dreadnough, coming soon to PC and PS4 is a free to play game centred around the epic battles of larger star ships. Developed by Six Foot and Yager Dreadnought is a 8v8 tactical action MMO. The game is currently in closed beta but even at this early stage it’s peaked our interest as it feels quite unique to what we’ve seen before.

In Dreadnought you take on the role of one of five different classes; Destroyers, Dreadnoughts, Artillery, Tactical Cruiser or Corvette, each class having it’s role within the combat arena. the game fully focuses on action with tactical manoeuvres and timed shots playing well into the tides of victory! One thing we really liked is the ability to draw power from other systems on-board to make your weapons more powerful or your shield more robust.


Reseach points and credital allow you to carve your way to legacy through the tech tree. However, the option to upgrade to premium vehicles or purchase founder packs are available via microtransactions in-game. The premium service, we think, will also allow you to build a fleet among your friends online.

This game looks to be pretty awesome and something fresh and innovative to the line of free to play titles available. Okay the game engine isn’t that of the calibre from developer giants but it works very well. The game textures are great for a free to play title and as far as gameplay goes it’s all good fun! There’s plenty to progress through too, in order to get to the beefier technology and the ships in the Heroic tiers, though these can still be found in the founders packs.

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