Drive Club (PS4 Exclusive) – Preview

Watch my paintwork!

Watch my paintwork!

Is this the PS4s call out to a load of Forza converts? Who knows! Still it looks awesome and if it lives up to it’s calling then perhaps it could fill that lost spot to Gran Turismo.

The game offers up some intense racing played out in stunning PS4 graphics. Weather effects can come and go throwing in some really changeable racing scenarios.

But it doesn’t end there! The coolest part comes from the social aspect of the game, as you and your friends can form racing teams. Naturally you can compete together or you can race separately to earn the rewards and cars etc throughout the game.

It doesn’t stop there though! Not only that but you can keep track of pretty much everything in the games app. Live game feeds will also be available so you can watch your friends progress and see if they unlock that special motor! – Just plain cool!

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