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Imagine the pod racing scene in Star Wars Episode One and then shrink it .. a lot!!

This is Drone Racing League and we can’t stop watchin it. What is there not to love though. We’ve scoured through hours of footage of this amazing new e-sport and we just cna’t get enough.

Each compettior sits at a main tournament table hooked up to their racing drone via field-of-view (fov) goggles. Drone Racing League games take place in blacked out warehouses and pavillions, the neon lights glow showing the paths of the contestants. Before you know it they’re off. Drones are whizzing around, flipping though loops and hugging “thin-air” corners.

The whole thing is a blast and so many countries are represented in the league. We’re amazed how we’ve overlooked this awesome sport. It might just have to be something we will look at for some extra fun outdoors.

You can find hilights of the Drone Racing League on their instagram @thedroneracingleague.

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