i am bread

i am bread

Released December 2014 from Bossa Studios.

Who would have thought that becoming a slice of bread could have been so much fun!? The Idea of this “bread simulator” is to circumnavigate your surroundings without perishing. The aim being that you make your way, boldly and not mouldly, to the toaster! Once there you have to become toast to complete the level at your maximum “edibility” status.

IAB-Dropping in i am bread scr1

Playing the game for the first time the controls can be a bit fiddly, more so without the use of a gamepad. However, after a few shots at trying to make your way to your toasted game goal you will soon be skating to success as you master the controls to become “Stunt Slice”, flopping around obstacles and scaling walls- as bread!

The graphics aren’t exactly comparable to Los Santos but the game play is good fun. I’ve shown everyone this title and every time it’s led to a barrel of laughs. This game is available on Steam at a reasonable £6.99, a price I’m sure most will be willing to pay for this crumbling experience. We hope we’ve ‘buttered you up’ enough, it’s my honest opinion that everyone needs to try this game because it just rocks! My only gripe, Mr.Developer, is that the music stays in one place, please..

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