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Juggerball; Sport for Nerds!

I think Jugger Ball could quite possibly be one of the most awesome sports to be invented in the 20th century. Derived from a game that features in the film Salute of the Jugger, 1989; the game sets two teams of 5 against each other in some sort of Le Crosse/Quidditch looking field sport. The game has gained popularity in the west, mainly from Germany and Austria where the game took off in its real life form. In 2007 Irish team Setanta took on a handful of teams from N.Germany in the first International competition held in Hamburg. The game has since grown and is becoming popular among college and universities around the globe.


The average game of Jugger Ball sees players armed with an arsenal of latex weaponry to subdue the opposition, these vary from regular swords and shields to a devastating ball and chain. The aim of the game is to get the Skull (ball thing, only made of foam) into the Mound (half a road cone) of the other team. Jugger Ball gets fast and aggressive and is just as good as an episode of Game of Thrones as a spectator sport. We’ve all agreed we’d totally be up for this watching or playing!

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