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Dungeons and Dragons


If you’re like me then you’re currently missing out on game time with friends. We recently turned our hand to the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop. We enjoyed a few months of gaming before “Lock Down v2.0” hit the UK. Now I find myself looking for the little gaming kick elsewhere to fill that gap.

I’ve always run little campaigns within the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Now I find myself looking to return as a player to join a game online.

Online Dungeons and Dragons had never really appealed to me in the past. I had friends that would dabble in the game every now and then and that was enough for the time being. However 2020 has thrown us some right lemons and we’ve had to deal with it accordingly, finding new ways to do things and operate in general.

So here I am looking to play Dungeons and Dragons over the interwebs!!

So far I haven’t had much luck in joining a game due to schedules and things based around working from home. However the quest for an online game has had me come across a few resources and services that would be useful to anyone looking to do the same.


First of all it’s going to be really helpful if you know how to play the game. Now obviously there are rules from which the game operates. The basic set of rules can be downloaded from the Wizards Of The Coast website and that’s enough to get you started. On top of that there are plenty of Youtube channels that offer “How to” type videos explaining how to play the basic game.

Once you’ve got an idea of how the game plays you can start to look at building a character. Again there are loads of video tutorials on how to make a character and the basic rules also provide you with what you need to get started. You can even find apps on the Google Play Store that you can download and have a character ready in a matter of minutes.

For a more in depth character creation recommendations come in strong for D&D: Beyond the latest online resource straight form Wizards of the Coast. You will have access to a lot of what comes in the Players Handbook. On that note, the Players Handbook is the staple tome for any avid player; in real life or online.

Lockdown Dungeons and Dragons


Now that you’re all set with a fresh understanding of the rules and character creation it’s time to get into action! It’s probably best to have an idea of what kind of campaign you want to join; whether it is something mystical and magical or a dark and broody horror. Or try it the other way and come up with a character concept that you’d like to play in someone’s game.

Having this ideology will benefit you as it will make it easier for you to pick a game to join or give you a solid concept of who you want to play. Most games require some sort of application; Race, Class and a little backstory to set the mood.

The best place to find online games is either via Facebook group or over at Roll20.com. Here you’re going to find DM’s (Dungeon Masters) running or starting games that are looking for players. Once you get yourself involved in the community with post and applications to games you’ll find a game soon enough. You need to be sure you can commit to the time and date of a game. Make sure you take the time to pencil it in to your schedule so you don’t miss a game session.


If you have children or live in a shared house then there may be no need to go searching the web for players and a game. The Dungeons and Dragons game is a great way to have a get together, share a little banter and have fun. Wizards of the Coast have several starter set out there to introduce new groups to this great game.

Personally I recently purchased the essentials kit to play The Dragon of Ice Spire Peak adventure. This is a sandbox (open world) adventure for new and existing players. The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials kit gives you all that you’ll need to get a taste of the game and recruit some players into you imaginary world.

Although it’s good fun it can also serve as an educational tool for kids. They will learn maths, problem solving, map reading and a whole lot more by playing this game. Not only that but I think it’s good for mental health in both adults and children, just to escape the clutches of Covid 19 at this current time. Many of us have probably had a sense of cabin fever and D&D is the perfect escape from the real world.


We’d love to hear how your games have gone. So head on over to our Facebook page, drop us a like and comment on this article. We look forward to hearing of your adventures!




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