Rayman: Legends – Games for Gold


Rayman: Legends hits Games for Gold on Xbox Live!

Rayman: Legends is a great game and well worth the download. I’ve been playing through levels and I can’t help but notice how the game is just all out fun. The animation is crisp and vivid; the controls are smooth and easy to master, and to top it off Rayman: Legends really does hit all the sweet spots for a fine family game.


Along your platforming adventures you can find all manner of secret doors to bonus pick-ups and treasure, some of which have some brain boxing puzzles to be solved in order to progress. The music levels have become a big hit again with Rayman: Legends, having players flinging themselves through the air to a beat. They’re all good fun like the rest of the game; vibrant, bouncy and all out enjoyment.
That’s the thing about Rayman: Legends, I think we’ve all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Playing the game there hasn’t been a moment where anyone wasn’t having fun. Rayman has always had that up its sleeve and Rayman: Legends proves to do the same.

In addition to the main game there are challenges to complete, a multiplayer co-op mode and side games, and a mahoosive amount of unlockable content. So go grab it now while it’s free, you won’t regret giving up the hard drive space!!

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