Sims 4 – Review

Tell us all about it!

Tell us all about it!

The latest installment to this EA classic has probably had some fans laughing whilst others cry. Whilst so much has improved, the list of cut features is as long as your arm. Some of these removed features aren’t such a biggy as foundations have been dug out and the awkward roofing system has been replaced with gracious simplicity.

Build mode has really improved from previous Sims and a lot of hype, even here, has been about adjustable window heights- sad, I know! The game play has improved with Sims now feeling a little more like real people with real lives to establish and run. Though you won’t be exploring too fast as the ‘open world’ of Sims 3 has now closed and the classic isometric neighbourhood reformed.

Create a Sim has some funky new features, allowing you to sculpt you face with the new push and pull editor. By clicking on the areas of your Sim you wish to change you can literally pinch, push, pull and squeeze your character into unique looking Sims.

Overall it’s a good game but the sense of lack comes in the content, which you can be sure to come in the near future but in a shopping trolley no doubt, or worse- in game purchases.

None the less it’s still the great family game it’s always been and will be loved by the next generation to find its loving language and colourful wallpaper selections.

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