Why I’m Loving Brawlhalla


So I first came across Brawlhalla on the Switch and have since installed it on my Xbox too. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about this little game that really got me. I don’t know if it’s the 90’s beat ‘em up style combat or the cute little characters but I’ve played this game time and time again even though I thought I wouldn’t.

Brawlhalla is a simple multiplayer battle arena; the idea being to knock your opponent out of said arena! The game is created with cell-shaded graphics that are well designed as well as a bit cute. You stop around the arena picking up weapons to obliterate your foes in the allotted time. Once you loose all of your lives you are out for good and the last man/woman left standing is the victor.

Each game lasts just a few minutes and can get quite competitive if played with friends. We found ourselves choosing sides soon enough when you’re down and out!

If you’re a casual gamer then this is definitely one for you. Overall Brawlhalla offers a well polished experience that’s great fun alone or in a party with both online and offline multiplayer modes available. This is well worth the download for that quick shot game before bed or a combat clash among friends.

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