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Age of Sigmar, Warhammers Revival


This could never have been a real game in the past!


Okay, I know this is somewhat of a sore point in the Games Workshop community but I think you’re gonna see my what I’m saying..


As a father of three children I can see clearly that Games Workshop has created a gaming system that allows the younger gamers to purchase, or even find, a few models and use them in a game. This seems to be the consensus on the Internet between long-term fans/fanatics online. The minimal rules set and “power-up” cards make the game easy to get into the game and gain new fans.

However, it may be easy to get into but is it easy to master? If you look at how movement works now, much like, Warhammer 40k, you can create astounding tactical advantages by reforming units or “mobbing” multiple units, to provide heavy assaults or protective barriers.

The games we played in “Old Warhammer” used to be lengthy, bogged down with rule checks and really quite static; where units enter combats until the end of the game. Now with Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy is as cinematic as a Lord of the Rings skirmish! Nicely painted miniatures and good set of scenery sees a novel story unfold on the dinning table.

The Age of Sigmar rules have also opened up gaming options. Our home tournament is played with a max 45 wounds across half a 4’x4’ table. We play three rounds and having no sudden death. It worked out really well allowing us to play several games in one night. I wanted to check out the Age of Mordheim rules (a fan made creation) before writing this. I think it would be awesome to see some progression between our games.

To me it seems as though Age of Sigmar has provided the Warhammer Fantasy game with a breath of fresh air. I read through the last rulebook and was then faced with the task of teaching my children and a few friends. Without watching battle reports on YouTube I don’t think we would have managed to find the flow in our games as easily. Age of Sigmar has opened the door to a lot of problems we had been facing; time, learning and lack of interest.

The cinematic playability, the easy to follow rules and free print n’ play warscrolls make Age of Sigmar a winner for me. As a returning fan of Games Workshop games I can truly say I’m impressed with this bold move.

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