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Spiderling Studio’s BESIEGE is the game for you if you are just generally creative with a sociopathic need to just blow shit up!

In Besiege one takes on the persona of a medieval engineer, it is then your task to invent Da Vinci-style gyrocopters and flamer-pult tanks. In each level you’ll need to complete tasks designed around siege equipment to accomplish success.

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BESIEGE is a early access release so there is only one world/area to complete and some might be put off by the sparse level design. However Besiege has similarities to games such as Kerbal Space Program and has already mustered up a cult following online with people making all manner of war walkers and sharp, flaming spiny things!

We enjoyed plugging together the bits and pieces that you can utilise to build your contraption. Besiege has an intuitive user interface and easy to use controls. The parts come together nicely and the physics are nice to work with when lobbing flaming projectiles into herds of sheep. The game looks great and feels great and the fun that can be had is endless.


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I really hope developer, Spiderling Studios, puts in a nice sandbox mode where you can put your machines up against selected targets. I’ve had dreams of making a sheep launcher since I got my hands on this! Overall Besiege is a great game and a great source for unnecessary violence on a sunny afternoon. It’s game play and ingenuity are comparable to similar games, however it remains in a league of its own, one with awesome in the title!

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