Call of Duty WWII; 10 reasons why we just can’t wait!

Call of Duty has evolved in gameplay and themes over the last ten years. We’ve seen the franchise go from worlds at war to spec-ops teams with sci-fi tech, and it’s easy to say these changes have not always been welcomed with open arms. After the Modern Warfare era it seemed that Call of Duty was desperate not to be washed away with industry competitors, such as the Titan Fall series. This saw the game include some controversial additions such as energy weapons and exo-suits. These things were novel for a while and did bring some interesting twists to the game as well as some awesome kill cams, but it seems to be a phase that the Call of Duty franchise is now over…please?! Call of Duty: WWII returns the franchise to on the ground raw combat and a return to the simplicity of bullets and boots!

Here are top our 10 reasons as to why we just simply can’t wait…

  1. No one can fly! Unless we missed something in history class it’s all running and gunning.
  1. Bouncing Betties. Oh, the nostalgia of a bean-can-like explosive device carefully placed for maximum boom.
  1. Camo. I don’t know about you but I like the challenge of spotting my foe, rather than them standing in a day glow jumpsuit.
  1. MP-40. Yes!
  1. Roleplay. Come on admit it… You feel it too!
  1. Emotion. The past titles seem to lack a connection to the human in us with their Nokia guns and hi-tech stories.
  1. Nazis. We’re programmed to fear the beast. There’s something gripping about reliving the horrors of WWII.
  1. No-Scope. I just loved staking my prey with an iron sight on the muddy flats of World at War; getting one-shot kills like this was a great satisfaction.
  1. Next-Gen World at War. Well that’s what this is…
  1. ZOMBIES. Can’t wait for the new Zombags, what we’ve seen so far looks awesome.


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