PlayMagic expands its operations

XIII reamake

PlayMagic, the game development studio behind the upcoming Remake of Ubisoft’s XIII that will be published by French publisher Microïds, is proud to announce the opening of a new Studio in Kyiv that will expand the development capacity and skills of the Malta Studio, which recently reached an headcount of 45 full time professionals.

PlayMagic Kyiv will be the work for hire arm of the group with the Malta Studio moving on to original title development soon.

The company just created a series of managerial positions for the new Studio and is on the hunt for the best talent in the region to join the group and help build the team to start working on some new upcoming Console, PC and VR projects.

“I am very excited about the opening of our second studio in a region with such an incredible pool of talent.” said Giuseppe Crugliano, PlayMagic group’s CEO & Creative Director. “We have always believed in the diversification of our business strategy and a company like PlayMagic needs to continue operating in the work for hire segment but at the same time moving significant resources on to the development of original titles that can be both license based or on PlayMagic’s original IPs”. We invite all potential candidates to apply to PlayMagic Kyiv by sending a CV and a Cover letter to the email with “Kyiv Studio” specified in the subject line.

About PlayMagic

PlayMagic is an American company that develops videogames for Consoles and PC. With a studio based in Malta, and the new one in Kyiv, the company is currently working on the Remake of Ubisoft’s XIII for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac as well as on another unannounced licensed remaster. The 45 people plus team at PlayMagic has designed and worked on top selling console and PC franchises. PlayMagic specializes in working on high profile licenses and creating original IP across a wide range of formats for the hard-core gamer market segment.

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