Temtem MMO RPG

On a set of floating islands known as the Airborne Archipelago, happy humans and magnificent creatures known as Temtem live in harmony. Some people hear whispers of a nefarious organization that would rather use these animals for labor and war. Be a hero and set out to find and catch Temtem, train and foster unbreakable bonds with them, and stop this shadowy group before they can cause any harm.

After creating a character, journey across six vividly stylized islands. Temtem’s beautiful cartoony art-style and sweeping music inspire a sense of nostalgic adventure. A fully co-op campaign encourages friends to stay side by side throughout the whole game. As a massively multiplayer game, there are always other players wandering about. Join them in befriending critters soaring in the skies, rummaging through the bushes, and splashing about in ponds. After starting a respectable collection, it’s time to fight!

A deep, competitive battle system removes all random factors to ensure an even playing field. Level up, learn new abilities, find weaknesses, and exploit them. Skirmishes always play out with two Temtem on each side and up to four players can clash at once. Temtem is built for tournaments and as such has a pick-ban system. Instead of coming into each battle with a set team, players each ban one of their opponents’ Temtem so competitors must always remain adaptable.

Between all of that adventure and exploration, sometimes tamers need a little break. Complete customization for player housing gives tamers hangout spots to compare caught Temtem. After purchasing a neighborhood home, upgrade, decorate, and furnish it to impress other players and have a space to relax. If a friend managed to nab a Temtem that’s been difficult, trading is always an option.

Nuzlocke mode is for those who want to form memorable relationships with Temtem at the risk of losing them forever. Any Temtem that falls in battle can never be used again, and only the first creature caught in an area can be added to the collection. By raising the stakes, each battle is nerve-wracking, but players learn to appreciate their furry, feathered, and scaled friends! Hopefully, by the end of the game, it won’t be a collection anymore: it’ll be a family.

“Growing up and playing Pokémon was one of the best parts of my childhood.” said Guillermo Andrades, Co-Founder, Crema. “I want to give that back to players with Temtem and include all of the features I had dreamed of back then.”

Temtem, the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure from Crema, pounces onto PC in late 2019. Inspired by Pokemon, Crema will incorporate a host of features long-time fans of the franchise have requested for more than a decade. A Kickstarter campaign launches today to help make the game a reality and possibly come to Nintendo Switch.

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